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Back to where it once began


Setting the bar high. I've done it all my life. Always wanting to be the best at everything. It has taken me far, and a lot. Love and attention, that's what it's all about. I give it a lot and gladly. Both in the kitchen and during my search for producers who do their work with as much dedication as I do. Together with them I want to get the best out of food. So that you too can enjoy it to the fullest.


Every month I look forward to what nature brings me. In spring the fresh crisp greens, in May juicy asparagus. In late August, I look forward to the young mallards. Rapidly followed in September by beautiful fleshy partridges. The variety is so wide.


This year we are celebrating 40 years in this business and on July 1 we will celebrate our 25th anniversary of Tout à Fait.

– Bart Ausems –

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